The book that Citroën TA collectors have always been waiting for!

Good news! The Citroën Traction Avant with it’s more than 23 years of production history has been described in a large number of books through the years. Still, this book brings a huge amount of new information, unknown untill the present. The history of all the many TA-models is told by the identification numbers of the cars, as found in the ultimate and unique source: The Mains Courantes – the original factory ledgers from Quai de Javel.

The times when we had to rely on the serial numbers is over. The complex and intransparent system of the factory numbers (often known as numéro de coque) has been decoded, and the book will allow you to identify the cars much better than before.

This book is the ultimate reference book – and much more than that. The evolution of models are explained by the production series: All of the more than 700 series of 1000 cars each are descibed in its own table, not only showing the numbers corresponding in each series but also with many interesting observations and comments about the cars in question.

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