Notes for owners of the book – corrections/discussions/whatever....

No books in the world without errors, typos and mistakes. It was anticipated – which is why you will find a reference to this website in the book! Below you can download a correction sheet – a pdf which you can print and keep in your copy of the book.

The first thing that happened when a printed copy of the book was opened – was the discovery the first error. Later a few more have been found:

Pages 15-18:
7S/11AL were produced from July 1934 to February 1937 – not 1936.
11AM in January-February 1937 – not 1936.
11BL (all models) were introduced in February 1937 – not 1936.
11A (all models except Coupé de Villes and Taxi) untill 1937 – not 1936.
11B (all models) replaces 11A in 1937 – not 1936.

The pages 14-19 is just an overview of the TA models – it is important to note that the production periods are correct in the tables in the second section of the book!

Page 100:
Series BJ 04000-4999: A picture showing a set of plates belongs to series BR (as you can see), which is on the following page. As a consequence the serial number matches well – still, it is important to remember that the deviations among serial numbers sometimes are very large.

Page 121:
Top: Series ED 0000-0365 should be ED 0000-0999. The quantity of cars is 1000 as indicated.

Apart from a few typos, the above is so far the only errors encountered. Hopefully not too many more will be found!

With the many and sometimes previously unknown facts in the book it can be tempting – to jump to conclusions. If you find anything that tickles you an email to the author: Jens Møller Nicolaisen on will be much appreciated! Maybe we will find out more together! This can eventually be posted here as a supplement to the book.